Meet Our Team

Professional DME Billers

At Chapman DME Billing, we have a team of only real claims processors dedicated to fighting for your rightful claims payment. Meet the team below.

Dawn Clayton – Owner

With almost 25 years in the DME industry, Dawn Clayton owns and operates Chapman DME Billing. She has been involved in all aspects of the revenue cycle process, which gave her the knowledge, experience, and necessary perspective to navigate the complexities of the reimbursement process.

Meagan W. - Manager

Kaitlyn Godfrey

Kaitlyn G. - Authorizations Manager

Courtney Holden

Courtney H. - Claims Manager

Christ Washington

Christy W. - Billing Manager

Julie Hill

Julie H. - Claims Team

Jessica H. - Billing Team

Christy N. - Verification Team

Paige T. - Claims Team

Regina A. - Claims Team

Stefanie M. - Payment Poster

Jessica B. - Payment Poster

Britany R. - Payment Poster

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Michelle L. - Claims Team

angela w

Angela W. - Claims Team


Heather N. - Eligibility Team


Stephanie C. - Claims Team

stephanie brabham

Stephanie B. - Auth Team

courtney keller

Courtney K. - Billing Team


Maryann W.- Claims Team

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