The Durable Medical Equipment Industry has endured complex regulatory changes for several years now.  Because of this, suppliers are finding themselves burdened with adapting daily processes to meet new regulations.  The billing process can be overwhelming.  I will provide a road map to solving the billing nightmare and share with you where your focus needs to be.  I will discuss the need for innovative software, imperative changes to your intake process and how outsourcing can save your business.


The first pin on our road map is the unavoidable need for an innovative software that can streamline operations from referral to collections.  It is crucial that DME providers utilize a software that is designed specifically for durable medical equipment.  This software should, in the least, make it simple for providers to measure performance objectives, communicate with referral sources,  organize the intake process and make claim-follow up seamless.  


Our next stop on the road map to efficiency is the intake process.  As government regulations and payer policies evolve, providers must be able to “roll with the punches.”  The paradox providers are faced with is the need to get claims out as quickly as possible while taking the time to make sure they are clean.  One major burden to the intake process has been obtaining orders and office notes from referral sources.  2019 will see a drastic increase in the use of e-prescription.  E-prescription connects providers and referral sources electronically.  Faster documentation means faster claims processing, which means faster payment. Providers must find a way to integrate e-prescription  to remain a viable option for their referral sources.   The current state of the industry has made it difficult to know what’s required based on payer mix and product category.  Incorporating a solid, continuous training program for your intake staff is crucial.  In addition, utilizing the features of your software program to simplify and automate order entry, takes the guesswork out for your intake staff.  


Let’s make a final stop at how outsourcing can bridge the gap between what you know and what you can get done.  A billing service can provide you knowledgeable staff that is trained and ready to begin collecting your money immediately.  This takes the time and cost for training and staff turnover off the table.  A reputable DME billing service will provide you with transparent billing operations, as well as monthly reporting and assistance in monitoring essential key point indicators.Durable Medical Equipment is still a very viable industry.  The last year has brought positive changes, moving us in the right direction.  When the proper resources are utilized, providers can clearly see the road to profitability. 

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